Fitness Machine 002 – Fundamentals of a Sound Morning Routine

Starting Your Day -Don’t hit the snooze button -Start your day with water -Get your body moving -Bullet-Proof Coffee: Add coconut oil to your morning cup to get immediate nutrients into your body.  Boost your energy, fat burning potential, and immune system. Simple Ways to Incorporate Coconut Oil into your Diet -Chocolate Flavored Coconut Butter -Stir into coffee -Add to your shake -Spread onto toast Afternoon Fasting -Take time to let your digestive system relax and reset -Give your insulin level a …

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Fitness Machine 001 – How and Why to Start a Fitness Journey

Daily Habits to Maintain Fitness -Walk more and walk faster What Makes State of Fitness Different -Hold ourselves to a standard to deliver the best service -Develop a group mentality What Does Exercise Do For Us -The human body was meant to move so if you don’t use it you lose it Favorite Exercise -Loaded Carry- The ability to do work over a period of time.  Helps posture.

Jason Benavides

Podcast 0012: Jason Benavides

Today on Business Machine is Jason Benavides, gym owner of Octane Athletic Performance, which is a six-figure business that helps clients obtain amazing results while making great margins. Mission Octane empowers people through fitness and helps coaches develop their brands. Jason first decided to enter the personal health field in college and 10 years, he imagines more multi-sport events that fundraise for good causes and include track and field. Learning From Our Mistakes One way Jason is making sure his …

Justin Grinnell

Podcast 0008: Justin Grinnell

Today on Business Machine is Justin Grinnell, owner and CEO of State Of Fitness training facility. Justin has been a trainer since he was 20 years old and decided to apply his expertise to small business with the help of his newly wed wife, six other trainers and a large room. He has now reached a place where he can work on his business instead of within his business, operating to support his team’s dreams and the unique network of …