Business Machine 0043 – Elizabeth Dukes

Today on Business Machine we have Elizabeth Dukes. Elizabeth is a partner and executive vice president of iOffice Incorporated. iOffice Inc. has provided innovative facilities, management, and solutions to hundreds of Fortune 1000 incorporations since 1989 and focuses on the marketing sales, customer solution implementation, and ongoing customer satisfaction.

She hopes to deliver software that helps the workspace become a more productive and engaging environment so workers will feel more comfortable moving around within their work environments.
In the beginning, she wishes she had asked more questions to those who are leaders within specific areas of the field so she could understand what to do more easily without relying on them so much. She also wishes she didn’t go for a consulting deal thus couldn’t produce much of anything for the software.
Book(s): Good to Great and Purple Cow
Tech/App(s): Maps, Weather, Telecast, and Flightview
Eat With: Sara Blakely
She wants to happily contribute to her family, friends, and community. She wants to be remembered as a joyful resource who could be counted on for what was needed to be done.