Business Machine 0056 – Alexandria Agresta

Alexandria believes in creating purposeful communities where people feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to create real human connection.

Alexandria’s why led her to become an advocate for incorporating the human element back into modern business practices. Her leadership and teaching on these principles has earned her recognition by top leaders within Central Florida. She is the co-founder of Purpose Pioneers, a purpose-first company that empowers organizations to help their employees find meaning in their work and customers find meaning in their purchases.

Alexandria’s background is in communication, executive coaching, and community engagement. She specializes in leadership development, methodology & framework design, and purpose alignment.

Alexandria has coached for the University of Central Florida, the largest college in the nation, in a variety of their departments including the College of Business Administration, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Rosen College of Hospitality Management. She is a 2016 BizVenture Competition winner and 2017 BizVenture Coach for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation. She is a graduate of Starter Studio, Orlando’s leading tech accelerator, where she founded her first venture, community engagement company, myLoop.

Mission: She hopes to help businesses find meaning and fulfillment in everything they do in real time, instead of waiting for fulfillment through the paychecks they collect or special events that may occur. She also hopes to lead people towards a purpose-first mindset to help both their employees and their customers find meaning.

Mistake: Alexandria wishes she had focused on listening to people around her so she could supply them with this awesome service in a way that they could have easily digested sooner.

Quote: “When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Ralph Emerson
Book: The Purpose Economy
Eat With: (Dead) Steve Jobs (Alive) Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins

Contact: Facebook

Legacy: She hopes to have a voice, not only for the world but also for her generation, telling everyone that unlocking your potential and living a purposeful life the way you want to live it is 100% possible.