Business Machine 0061 – Camille Jamerson

Known as the “Olivia Pope of the Midwest”, Camille D. Jamerson is the Senior Principal Consultant as well as President and CEO of CDJ & Associates. CDJA is a boutique business management consulting firm that specializes in Strategy, Branding, PR & Content. She is also the Founder of a new lifestyle brand, The Camille Company which features a behind the scenes look at balancing your personal life and entrepreneurial ventures. Its tagline is #LetsDoLifeTogether.

Camille has been quoted nationally in the New York Post, USA Today, Yahoo Travel, Costco Connection, CEO Blog Nation, NCR and Successful Meetings. Locally, she has been featured in Crain’s Detroit Business, Hour Magazine & Metro Times.

Eventually leaving behind a 6-figure salary and longtime career, Ms. Jamerson formalized CDJ & Associates with nothing but faith, her confidence in her skill sets and her hand-picked team. The firm formally announced its opening at their 300-person black tie formal launch event and within 30 days of launch CDJA landed two major contracts and was sought after for proposals on numerous others. The company has experienced exponential growth ever since.

Additionally, Ms. Jamerson is an award-winning author of two books and a freelance writer of numerous published articles and white papers. She is a former international beauty pageant Queen and a nationally featured public speaker. Camille is also the founder of The Mogul Makers Entrepreneur & Leadership Symposium which is held in August.

Camille is certified through Harvard University, graduating with honors and receiving executive certifications in business, leadership, and management. She is also trained and certified through the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] for crisis and disaster management.

Camille loves the theater. She enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally as well as reading. Most importantly, she is a wife and mom and lives in Oakland County Michigan with her family.

Mission: She hopes to use her business management consulting firm to fill the holes of your business’s needs, and to be the answer to your business’s issues. In other words, she hopes to be known as “The Answer Woman.”

Mistake: Camille wishes she hadn’t traded her time for money. She wishes she had handled billing and invoicing better, and restructured how she billed people, as there were times she looked at her packages and realized it was too much offered for too little return financially.

Quote: “In all thy getting, get a book.”
“What you want is on the other side of what you won’t do.”

Book: Finish

Eat With: Richard Branson

Contact: Rima –
(401) 402-0754

Legacy: She hopes her kids and grandkids will look at what she did and know the price she had to pay to get there, and will respect the process and the risks it took to get there. They will then be able to respect and honor their own processes to accomplish what they set out to do as well.

Conference Event Details:

Mogul Makers Entrepreneurial & Leadership Symposium
August 2nd-3rd
Detroit Metro Area