Jason Benavides

Podcast 0012: Jason Benavides

Today on Business Machine is Jason Benavides, gym owner of Octane Athletic Performance, which is a six-figure business that helps clients obtain amazing results while making great margins.


Octane empowers people through fitness and helps coaches develop their brands. Jason first decided to enter the personal health field in college and 10 years, he imagines more multi-sport events that fundraise for good causes and include track and field.

Learning From Our Mistakes

One way Jason is making sure his business runs like a fine-tuned machine is by hiring an admin. In starting a business, Jason stresses that you can’t please everyone, even if the people you can’t please are the loudest segment of your audience. Another caution he offers is the creation of an online program without having people around with that expertise to help start it. Jason advises this because it can take away from other objectives. Jason is a bigger picture guy, so he has to keep up with the details as much as possible.


Eat: Oleos Perk Coffee Bar

Tip: If you’re tight on time in the morning, have a yogurt and edible nuts to kickstart your metabolism. If you do have time, shoot for a larger meal.

Quote: “Reality is interpretation,” from unknown. 

Book: “Drive” by Larry Bird.

Eat with: Todd Durkin or Richard Branson.

Apps: TextExpander


Facebook: Jason Benavides

Website: http://octaneathleticperformance.com/