Nick Kullin

Podcast 0016: Nick Kullin

Today on Business Machine is the founder of Second Flight Academy, Nick Kullin. SFA is an eight week, one-on-one academy that helps entrepreneurs revolutionize the way they leverage their online marketing efforts through growth hacking. The SFA began as a spin-off of his previous marketing agency.


Help business owners innovate their online marketing efforts while reducing marketing costs. In 10 years, Nick imagines an accelerated program that takes the concept of growth hacking even further for the industry.

Learning From Our Mistakes

An early mistake Nick recalls was in his client acquisition. It was important for him to realize that while many can benefit from his services, he needed a proper and dynamic persona for who would truly invest and see the value in his work. Nick also believes it’s important to be happy and motivated, but you have to learn how to handle the low points as well.


Eat: Dough pizza place. 

Quote: “Inside of every successful self-made person is a poor kid who followed his dream.”

Read: “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Eat with: Richard Branson.

Apps: Yesware.