Russell Ruffino

Podcast 0017: Russell Ruffino

Today on Business Machine is Russell Ruffino, founder of Clients on Demands, who help various clients find their own clients at the right time and the right price. Previously a bartender, Russell looked into different ways to make money online through information products. Soon, Russell wanted to create more valuable results for his clients and set a premium price that attracted clients committed to a more personable process and greater result.


Help others attract the clients they want to work with at the price they want to charge. In 10 years, Russell envisions a more robust market that realizes the importance of transformation, not just a slight improvement. In 5 years, Russell envisions more business partnerships.

Learning From Our Mistakes

One mistake Russell made was disengaging with his team as his business became more automated. He realized that while automation is great, people do not operate like machines and one of the roles of leadership is to keep their team motivated, not just leave them along to work. Russell also knows now that for a business to sustain itself, it needs a sales process. You can’t rely on a product or service to sell itself on goodwill alone.


Eat: Cucina Alessa

Quote: “Somewhere in the invisible heart of all self-made wealthy men and women is a sliver of razored ice. The love of another, or of a family (or of their God, if they have one), can help to contain it. Seeking great wealth will release that sliver to grow. it’s in the nature of the beat.” From Felix Dennis.

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