Business Machine 0049 – Adam Linkenauger

Adam Linkenauger is a former ACC Champion athlete and coach turned serial entrepreneur. Owner of the world leader in basketball training, I Love Basketball and Authority Online. Adam is the creator of several six and seven figure businesses, and is also a premium marketing and authority consultant to multiple industry leaders. His specialty is building large, passionate communities around businesses and/or influencers to create market celebrities.

Mission: Adam runs online businesses that publish and sell information, such as I Love Basketball and Authority Online.

Mistake: He has worked himself to the point that he was burnt out, in bed all day and unable to work. Now he knows how to eat and live healthier to avoid those burnouts.


Book: Ask, Advertising Secrets of the Written Word

Quote: “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

Eat With: Mark Cuban

App/Tech: Slack

I Love Basketball TV (YouTube)
I Love Basketball Facebook
Authority Online
Personal Facebook

Legacy: From within his business, he hopes that he changed a lot of lives by having people do what they loved when they decided to put their lives in his vision so he could give back to them. As for his clients, he hopes the majority knew that he was thoughtful, helpful, sincere, and made a difference in their lives.