Fitness Machine 003 – Why Lifting Weights is Beneficial to Your Exercise Routine

Why Weight Lifting:

  • The body is meant to lift heavy objects.
  • Building muscle tissue and bone.
  • More functionality in moving up and down.
  • Feeling better in how you can do more tasks through the strength training you’ve done.
Myth about Weight Lifting:
  • It will bulk you up immediately.
7 Fundamental Human Movements and Lifting Weight Exercises to Go With:
  • Push Things
  • Pull Things
  • Squat in any way, shape, or form.
  • Hinge (Bending in a way that is getting ready to jump.)
  • Carry Weight (Loaded Carry)
  • Resist Rotation and Rotate (Trunk and Core)
  • Groundwork (Turkish Get-Up, Crawling, etc.)
How to Measure Success:
  • Are you feeling or moving better?
  • Are you functioning in max capacity in life and at the gym?