Fitness Machine 005 – Kettle Bells

Why Kettlebells are a good idea to have on your exercise regime.

Kettlebells can be used anywhere, including business trips. They are the most versatile and useful tools for anyone at any level, and are good to have around when you need something portable that can keep you exercising.
  • The Hinge: If done correctly, it should really be working your core and hips without harming your back, as many believe it could do. Good exercise for weight loss.
  • The Carry: This can be done with many things, though a Kettlebell is more useful and easier for this exercise.
Jump rope is another good exercise to do because it:
  • Helps improve posture.
  • Brings back muscle mass and bone density.
  • Is good cardio if you can’t do much of that anymore due to an injury.
Which Kettle Bells should the average person start with?
  • Men: 16 or 24 kilo Kettlebells is what you want to get to. If just starting out, then go for the 12 kilo to begin.
  • Women: 8, 12, or 16 kilo Kettlebells are what you want to go for. 8 and 12 would be good for Presses and Rows. 12 may also be for Swings and Goblet Squats. 
  • Ages 55 – 70: Kettle Swings are good depending on mobility and joint stiffness. Can generally begin a Kettlebell Deadlift exercise after making sure body is ready for it, then can add weight to it based on how you’re improving.