Todd Uterstaedt

Podcast 0007: Todd Uterstaedt


Today on Business Machine is Todd Uterstaedt, former army officer turned corporate VP turned entrepreneur of From Founder To CEO based in Cincinnati.


From Founder To CEO helps young creators enhance their capacity as business owners to create sustainability. In 10 years, Todd sees his initiative as a larger platform for communities to access resources in a timely and easily processed fashion.

Founder vs. CEO 

A founder does a lot for themselves to lead a team where a CEO leads an organization and holds people accountable through other people.

Notable Past Mistakes

Todd encourages listeners to strategically think of returns on investments. Marketing is not sales. He also discovered networking has a strategic component involving making impressions, not just trading business cards. As a leader, he also has learned to trust others to micromanage.

Finding the Right People

Todd relies on behavioral based interviewing including an investigation into behavior at other work areas. A new employee is also not committed to for the first couple months to discover how he or she fits into the work culture.


Eateries: Wild Flower Cafe

Quote: “The Best potential of me is we.”, from Coach Dale Brown.

Reading: “Business As a Calling” by Michael Novak.

Apps: Wunderlist




Twitter: @FromFounder2CEO