Business Machine 0038 – Tom Lindsay

Today on our podcast we have Tom Lindsay. Tom runs a podcast titled SmallBiz Brainiac and is the CEO of Alternative Market Solutions (AMS).

Mission: His passion is to relieve the burdens of small business owners from being an employer, and helping them to be relieved from the non-core activities that can take place when running said business.
Mistake: He warns against expecting the company to expand and therefore making accommodations to grow the lifestyle with the generated income that is being made at this given moment.
Quote: “If you give up a sense of liberty to attain temporary safety, then you don’t deserve either liberty or safety.” Benjamin Franklin
Eat With: Walt Disney
App/Tech: Zapier
Legacy: He wishes to make sure his kids are proud of their dad, and that he will be accomplished in what he sets out to do. He also wants to teach them to be kind, productive, and responsible, and for them to carry these traits down to their children as well.