Business Machine 0047 – Charlene Gilman

Charlene Gilman is a Business Executive Sage for Life Excellence, Author, Trainer, and Podcaster.

Charlene is dedicated to the concept that development is both a business tool and a life tool. As a strategic, visionary thinker, she has a passion for inspiring people, at all levels, to optimize their full potential while maintaining a focus on living a balanced life.

Charlene Gilman holds a Masters in Business Administration and published her book – WAKE UP! BREAK RULES!

For fun…Charlene enjoys fly fishing with her husband, hiking, camping and spending time in the mountains.

Mission: She hopes to change others’ lives for the better through life excellence coaching. She also hopes to help people to live up to what they think their standard of living should be today and elevating it to the next level for themselves for the future.

Mistake: Wishing that she didn’t let her ego weigh her down so that she couldn’t give all she has to offer.


Quote: “Knowing others is intelligence, but knowing yourself is true wisdom.” – Lao-Tzu

Best Book: Outwitting the Devil

Eat With: Richard Branson

App/Tech: Email

My Time is Now (Podcast)
Executive Edgeworks
(469) 964-4299

Legacy: Charlene hopes to teach people to take responsibility for themselves, their actions, and who they spend their time with. Through that she hopes to build a platform so that those people can teach others to do the same as well.