Business Machine 0058 – Bernie Adams

With 20 years of Six Sigma and Lean experience in high profile fields such as government, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare, Bernie has developed and fine-tuned his skills to bring effective process change to any and all levels of an organization. As a Six Sigma and Lean Black belt, and now as the CEO and founder of ProcessPro, he is taking his knowledge and experience and bringing it to all businesses who are striving to raise their business to the next level by creating consistency and reliability within every process.

Mission: Bernie is passionate about helping businesses create processes that make daily practices run smoother for every employee. This makes it easier for every customer to receive the same experience when they walk through the doors, and every new employee to have everything they need to start immediately.

Mistake: He hopes to show that people need to find a new process to fix problems in the business if the processes they are currently using are not fruitful. He also is glad he started being transparent in his lack of knowledge in various areas so he could ask the right questions to clients, therefore helping cement their new processes further.

Quote: “What you permit, you promote.”
Book: “The E Myth.” “Traction.”
Eat With: Oprah Winfrey


Legacy: Bernie wants his kids to remember that they were loved, that there was someone who did everything he could for them, and that they can make this world a better place based on what he did with it today.