Kate Snyder

Podcast 0006: Kate Snyder

Today on the Business Machine is Kate Snyder, principal strategist and owner of Piper & Gold Public Relations, a Lansing firm dedicated to helping governmental agencies and nonprofits. Kate began her journey by acting as a business consultant within her network after searching for a senior position that matched her experience.


Help small businesses tell their stories in a way that effects change and builds relationships within their communities.

Notable Mistakes

Kate explains the importance of transparency of operations, as well as trust in employees to grow self-sufficiency. She also speaks to some of the mistakes she has made in this pursuit, such as the sacrifice of physical health. She encourages recreation to keep the body as focused as the mind. She also encourages understanding both the strengths and challenges of your personality to better realize your capacity as a leader.


Eateries: Likes to taste different foods.

Quote: “You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce.”

Read: “10% Happier” by Dan Harris.

Eat with: Barbara from Shark Tank.


Email: kate@piperandgold.com

Webpage: www.piperandgold.com 

Twitter @PiperGoldKate!