Business Machine 0060 – Josh Elledge

A decade ago, Josh embarked on a one-man quest to stop spending so much freaking money on groceries– and so transformed himself into America’s coupon-crusading “Savings Angel.”

With a little bit of his own PR fairy dust (thanks to his U.S. Navy journalist experience), he became an influencer with his digital consumer advocacy and lifestyle brand which has grossed more than $6 million in sales with less than $500 spent in advertising. Yes, he literally dropped more $$ on toner for the office printer!

Today he’s:

· A well-known influencer in the Startup PR space
· The host of an iTunes chart-topping podcast
· A syndicated newspaper columnist with a reach of over 1.1 million readers
· A sought-after keynote & workshop speaker
· Media guest clocking over 2000 TV, radio, and podcast appearances.

And NOW, he takes all the PR magic tricks, ancient wisdom and special sauce recipes that got him here – and sets them all free!

Mission: Josh is passionate about turning thoughtful entrepreneurs into media celebrities, increasing their authority, their influences, and their revenue.

Mistake: When he switched from solo practitioner to having multiple leaders under him, he had to learn quickly to take a step back and let his leaders have a say in making some of the final decisions in the company instead of making them himself. He also learned to attract people who could fill in specific areas of expertise, and also learned from his fear of selling and to overcome the lies he believed about selling to people.

Quote: “A person is just about as happy as he or she makes up their mind to be.” -Abraham Lincoln
Book: The Miracle Morning
Eat With: Napoleon Hill


Legacy: Josh hopes to help everyone realize that they are the person that the world has been waiting for, and to help them take advantage of the resources they have to make it happen.