Business Machine 0062 – Richard Chapo

Richard Chapo is a business lawyer in San Diego who has been practicing for 25 years. Richard advises small and large online businesses on how best to comply with laws such as copyright and FTC regulations. Richard is a massive hockey fan and avid traveler having lived in such exotic locations as Siberia. Richard can be reached through his website

Mission: Richard is dedicated to helping businesses grow by helping them minimize the risk of doing business online. This way, they can then focus on the aspects of the business that they originally started it for.

Mistake: He wishes he hadn’t waited so long to take the risk and do what he liked rather than dealing with the higher stresses of a job he didn’t love for a decade. He also warns business owners against starting multiple projects at the same time before seeing if their first one will pan out.

Quote: “Never promise to do the possible. Anyone could do the possible. You should promise to do the impossible, because sometimes the impossible was possible, if you could find the right way, and at least you could often extend the limits of the possible. And if you failed, well, it was always impossible to start with.” – Terry Pratchett

Book: Will It Fly?

Eat With: Elon Musk


Legacy: He hopes to be remembered as someone who helped his clients grow and kept them out of trouble. He also hopes to be remembered by his family and friends as someone who, when bad times hit, he was able to be counted on.