Bolaji Oyejide

Podcast 0013: Bolaji Oyejide

Today on Business Machine is Bolaji Oyejide, founder of Bravepreneur Parents Academy, the #1 podcast to help parents raise superhero kids and 7-time best-selling author of the “Brave Little Heroes” book series. Education was always paramount in Bolaji’s family, and he followed the college path to success with a corporate career and family life. After being laid off from several jobs, he decided to give in to the voice in the back of his head that entrepreneurship would lead him where he wanted out of life.


Help kids discover what makes them unique and tenacious so they can get excited about changing the world. The origin story is imperative to the identity of superheroes, and Bolaji believes kids are in that origin story phase that can define them in some way for the rest of their life. In 10 years, Bolaji envisions a stand-alone company called Bravequest that will use video game concepts to help over one million kids develop.

Learning From Our Mistakes

Bolaji’s biggest lesson has been the mistake of not using a business model conducive to their industry. If you don’t plan how to monetize, you will sacrifice your health, relationships, and goals. You also should find a mentor that has been down the path that you now walk.


Eat: The Pit in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Quote: “Fall down seven times. Stand up eight.”, an old Japanese proverb.

Read: “Little Bets” by Peter Sims.

Eat with: Stan Lee.

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