Eddie Donato

Podcast 0019: Eddie Donato

Today on Business Machine is Eddie Donato from Australia, founder, and the host of the EdTalks podcast. This podcast interviews experts and studies research from all over the world to help people stop feeling tired, regain our energy and achieve health and happiness in a way that’s truly attainable for busy moms and dads. Starting as an engineer for General Motors, Ed traveled much and always had entrepreneurial dreams. After the birth of his son, Ed was inspired to leave a legacy and later, he stumbled upon entrepreneurial podcasting. 


To help busy moms and dads regain vitality to live the life that they want to. In 10 years, Ed envisions a multi-billion dollar health and wellness company with numerous divisions, including charitable work, with a luxury boat and a family traveling the world.

Learning From Our Mistakes

Ed recalls that the most important thing he learned was making time for family. It’s easy to get caught up in his passion, especially for the sake of the family, but it’s paramount to make time to be present with his wife and son’s life. It’s not a matter of being there all of the time, but it is about listening and respect.


Eat: Settler’s Tavern.

Quote: “Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” from Miles Davis. 

“I want to say to you, ‘help yourself so you can help someone else.” from James Brown.

Books: Richard Branson material.

 Eat with: Richard Branson.

Apps: WorkFlowy and traditional paper notes.


Website: TheEdTalks