Tom Stewart

Podcast 0002: Tom Stewart

Today on Business Machine is Tom Stewart, who first had thoughts of entrepreneurship with a group of high school friends. Over the last decade, he has provided consultation to 44 organizations in a wide range of industries – the majority of which were new or small companies. Tom has also worked on transition teams for larger organizations, including the State of Michigan, and his efforts have resulted in nearly $7M in new client revenues and 60 new jobs in the Capitol Region.


Helping people start businesses. In 10 years, Tom would like to accomplish a private multi-million dollar fund for greater opportunities, as well as an actual office and team. He also talks about automation and getting small businesses able to function with one process and expand their opportunities from there.

Notable Past Mistakes

He advises inspiring entrepreneurs to not tackle their dreams alone because you have to know your limits. Tom learned that balance is important to assure your personal life is taken care of too. He regrets that, at the time, he did not pay attention to his relationships outside of his work, which risked his stability outside of work.


Eateries: Cosmos Pizza Restaurant and Zoobies Old Town Lansing Tavern.

Quote: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”, from Luke [12:48] of the Bible.

App: Pocket Informant.



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