Amanda Stitt

Podcast 0003: Amanda Stitt

Today on Business Machine is Amanda Stitt, CEO of Change Media Group (CMG), started by her husband who saw a market full of saturated services. Amanda always admired small business owners in her own family while never seeing herself as an entrepreneur. Now, she excels in the business of helping people connect. She envisions the company as space for young talent to enjoy their work.


A full-service creative agency providing targeted media services including direct mail, print, and digital advertising to a broad range of clients.

Notable Past Mistakes

Amanda’s number one advice is exercising the ability to say no. She urges others not to stray from specific services just to please clients. Use time wisely and meaningfully, and refer clients to other trustworthy colleagues. This is especially paramount  for businesses who provide services to other businesses.


Eateries: Beer Grotto- Michigan Craft Beer & Wine.

Quote: “If I asked people what they wanted, they would’ve asked for faster horses.”, from Henry Ford.

App: Asana for project management purposes.

Podcasts: Fresh Air, Death Sex & Money, and Here’s The Thing.