Fitness Machine 006 – Future of Fitness

Today on the Fitness Machine podcast, Justin talks about where he thinks fitness will be within the next ten years.

For the next ten years:
  • He hopes to see that the mindset of working out for weight loss lessens, and instead is replaced with a “Functional Training” mindset.
  • He hopes to find that more people are looking to use movement to work out so they can stay generally fit.
In ten years, he sees State of Fitness as:
  • Opening more space for people
  • More climbing and obstacle courses
  • Keeping the Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Barbell training
  • Keiser Unit for cables will likely be taken out
  • Keep Cardio Machines and bikes
  • Getting rid of treadmills so people can go walk and run outside
Corporate Wellness:
  • Smaller businesses are now using gyms and wellness benefits for recruiting
  • People are getting to know one another while working out
Core Values in Fitness that won’t change:
  • Customer Service – Wanting to making people feel safe and welcome while being there and working out.
  • Online Marketing and Content – Bringing people into the door by having a strong, professional and trustworthy online presence. 
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