Fitness Machine 008 – Eating Fat

Today on the Fitness Machine, Justin talks about eating fats and what is considered good versus bad fat.

We need to eat good, healthy fats to lose weight.
  • There’s a central fatty acid that the body needs that we can’t produce, only consume
  • Eating healthy fats keeps body satisfied, balances hormones, and gives energy
  • Don’t eat processed food.
  • It consists of eating only meat and veggies.
Justin’s favorite fat:
  • Coconut Oil: A saturated fat that everyone needs for brain development.
Sugar: Yay or nay? 
  • Sugar is sugar, though how the body takes it depends on what the source is
  • Blueberries have other properties other than sugar to help keep you healthy, so good thing to have
  • Really only need about 2 servings of fruit a day
  • Sugar alcohol (or any sugar substitute) is generally bad for you and needs to be done in moderation
Morning breakfast for good fat:
  • Greek yogurt with almonds and blueberries.
Eat smaller portions throughout the day.
  • Stay away from large meals at lunch!
  • The serotonin release that comes after eating causes a crash afterwards, thus having a large meal before bed is more beneficial to your health and your energy throughout your day.
Fasting in afternoon:
  • Not for everyone
  • With the insulin that is released upon eating, avoiding that and the crash throughout the day can keep the energy going longer
  • Getting all of your calories at night won’t have you gaining weight as long as you’re not obtaining too many calories
Good fatty dinner:
  • Eating a grass-fed beef burger with avocado, ketchup, and mustard, a sweet potato or sweet potato fries on the side, and a side of salad or broccoli.
  • The basics: A protein, veggie, and a potato, fries or fats (like avocado or nuts).
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